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Websites has designed and part designed

Websites BSwain Web Development has designed

These are sites either for organisations or as project work. The earliest websites were undertaken with extra help and advice and problem solving, so a log of solutions has been gathered to help with future sites. This is ongoing but most of the early sites have the same template.

  1. (opens in new window) - designed for the charity of the same name, set up to help three small villages in the Ashanti region of Ghana. Content is courtesy of Alice Knight, page structure and all other code by BSwain Web Development.
  2. (opens in new window) - a site for visually impaired people in Bournemouth to give them helpful hints and useful websites to enhance both their daily living and pleasure activities. It also has a useful links page for general information about national organisations and societies to highlight them to new visually impaired users.
  3. Scurr Maintenance Managers website - BSwain Web development was asked by Scurr Maintenance to develop a website for their maintenance arm to attach to their main Scurr website.
  4. Scurr and Partners Energy Assessors website - BSwain Web development was asked by Scurr Energy Assessors to develop a website for them to attach to the main Scurr website to launch their new service.
  5. Choc Soc (opens in new window) - a university of Nottingham society website which was designed from scratch, the first website to be so designed by Beth Swain. Unfortunately due to funding the society does not currently exist, but the site is still ongoing for archival reasons and is ready and waiting for anyone who wants to restart the society to do so.
  6. Labyrinth (opens in new window) - 2nd year project work which is now accessible by anyone. It was the second website to be designed by Beth Swain,, guidance was heavily relied on but the project was all own work.
  7. Welsh Veg (opens in new window) - the website of an organisation hoping to encourage single mothers to work and earn money, as well as inspiring all of us to go greener by growing our own vegetables.
  8. B3 Bournemouth (opens in new window) - the website of B3, a Bournemouth grown band who play music from Abba to Leona Lewis.

Sites which were redesigned

Here are some sites which Beth Swain of BSwain Web Development helped redesign and run as webmaster for the respective university societies.

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